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In June 2008, having a few years of experience in buying and selling various promotional articles and clothing for companies and non lucrative organism, I decided to devote more time by finding SPECIAL products from Quebec and Canada that are related to the water, the air, the sun and the environnement                                                                                                         Pierre Clément

 At the beginning of my research, the  Refreshing Scarf was my 1st product and is still my most important product due to its quality, its confort, its efficiency and most of all because of its utility and appreciation by our various clientele.                                      The Refreshing Scarf is   The MOST EFFICIENT   CLICK HERE

                      Fight against the Heat &and keep Fresh with the Refreshing Scarf 

To preserve and improve the quality of the natural environnment and the renewable resources, we need to do an effort to preserve our water, our air and all other resources that will allow us to do so.

We are still looking for products that may have an impact on the environment (recyclable, biodegradable et reusable) using the elements such as the water, the air, the earth and the sun; almost all of our products will have an impact and will be from the Quebec and Canada

                                    Choices eco-energetic et environnmental




     Environnment and


  Eneryy with the air and sun