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10 compact and  reusable towels      Rapid'O                                                                                Price : 2,95$ / unit

The towel swells in   3 secondes   when you add water.

Tight tube with 10 compressed towels 100% natural, 100% of  non toxic,materilal
rayon,  100% biodegradable et safe for all skin type, without perfum.

Ideal for camping, huntng and fishing, travelling, outdoor activities , car, etc.  To be used in any situation requiring quick cleaning


Fabric 100% white rayon
For all skin types, rayon 100%, pure, no alcohol additive, perfum, soap, dye or other agents. Rayon fiber is made of thousands of small holes  to imprison the water  or dirt depending on the use made of it. The fabric is very soft yet very durable and resistant.

Water savings

 The product requiring only a minimal amount of water to become a towel, avoids waste and when you know the water needs of the planet, it becomes even more attractive and useful.

Space savings

Very compact, it can be carried anywhere : planes, boats, cars, etc. It can be stored in backpacks, handbags, pocket of clothing, first aid kit, glove compartment and other location.
Great reusability

 The fiber retains the dust but as soon as it is rinsed under the water, dirt disappears instantly, allowing a single or repeat use. One towel can be use repeatedly

Green Product 

Fully biodegradable and decomposable, in a period of 7 to 10 days, after use.  It become harmless to nature (animals and plants) or septic systems